I’d like to share a humble unboxing of Sephora Sunscreen Sample Bag, Whole Foods Ready For Action Bag, SuperSupplements Gift Bag and Beauty.com GWP! All that I’ve got in June 2015 and some of them still available now! I will add more details later. And, happy birthday America!

june haul 07 2015 main icangwp

1. Sephora Sunscreen  Sample Bag

sephora 10pc sunscreen sample bag 2015

Sephora: Sephora offers 10pc sunscreen sample bag use code SUNSET for Beauty Insider with any $25 purchase. Plus, through July 6, pick your 5 free samples with ANY ORDER (no minimum). Look at the sample choice they are offering here. My sweet 10pc Sephora sunscreen sample bag below.

sephora sunscreen sample bag 2015 icangwp

And, my 5 free free free samples.

sephora 5 sample icangwp june 2015

I have Sephora Flash subscription (free shipping all orders). I purchased $27.50 products and use code SUNSET to receive these 15 samples + free shipping.

2. Whole Foods Ready For Action Bag 2015

whole food beauty bag 2015 icangwp

It is available at Whole Foods (in store only) last week. My store put around 20 bags out. It is $12 and you can find it in beauty department.

3. Super Supplements Free Gift Bag 2015

This free gift bag is available at my local store in the beginning of June. It was offered at the checkout with supplement purchase. Some items are not shown in the photo (already tried them).

super supplements free gift bag 2015 icangwp

4. Beauty.com gift with purchase  June 2015

beauty com gwp june 2015 icangwp

I purchased a few products and received these samples.

42 samples is my June number, what’s yours?