Ouidad was so kind to send me their most popular set – Ouidad Curl Essentials Trial Set. I definitely have some true-loves to report about! I am so lucky and I would like to share my first set of Ouidad reviews with you. As always all reviews are my own. I will also give you some buying tips, Ouidad perks and coupons.

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This beautiful Ouidad Curl Essentials Trial Set is $36.

The must-haves all curls need to achieve their full potential. This set contains (4 x 0.25oz):

Ouidad Curl Essentials Trial Set Exper Tips:

ouidad_042016_review_icangwp2 Ouidad Curl Essentials Trial Set Ingredients:ouidad_042016_review_icangwp4

Ouidad Curl Essentials Trial Set Review


IcanGWP review: The box was shipped and wrapped with really nice padding. There are not many beauty or department stores that their parcel has no brand printing outside but only inside. I prefer it this way because it feels classier. This box also has Ouidad printing inside, which look more luxurious. It is quite heavy and big for a trial set! All of them come in a travel size of roughly 10 – 14 day supply for the shampoo and 3 months for the other products (for me).


This set average review on Ouidad site is 4.4. Interestingly, most people buy this set after being referred by someone who used it and recommend they try it. One reviewer said it’s the recommendation of a stranger who had the curls she used to have (before moving to a more humid area).

Most people didn’t know where to start and love that they can try to see if they actually helped. Most of them reported that they actually did. Many items have become their staples for managing curly but damaged hair. Hmm… I am excited to try it out even though I have straight hair.


Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo | Full size is $18 or $50

It utilizes a gentle but powerful blend of citrus extracts to target, break down and remove residue build-up without stripping essential nutrients and moisture.

Key Product Benefits

     Removes dulling, style-suppressing buildup but not natural moisture

    Creates a pristine canvas ready for styling

    Extremely gentle, even safe for color-treated hair

Curls are porous, absorbent and prone to residue build-up that makes hair look and feel dull and dingy, and can even prevent curls from absorbing moisture and forming properly. Typical clarifying shampoos are too harsh for curls and can strip away moisture and nutrients.

Water Works Clarifying Shampoo is a powerful chelating formula just for curls that uses non-stripping citrus extracts to cleanse and remove residue build-up without depleting essential moisture and nutrients. Curls are left clean but completely nourished and ready for styling.

How to use: Begin with a nickel-size amount of shampoo. Using fingertips, gently massage through wet hair and scalp. Leave in hair for two minutes, then rinse with warm water and follow with a Ouidad conditioner. Use once weekly, or more if needed to remove residue and build-up.


IcanGWP reviews: Average review is 4.9. People can’t get enough of this product. They like that it is gently cleansed and doesn’t leave their hair feeling stripped.

When you feel like your hair is not properly cleaned that’s because it isn’t clean! I am so excited that this kit contains cleansing shampoo. Summer is coming and my hair looks so dry from swimming both in swimming pool and ocean. Its smells fresh and lightly fruity. This product is a colorless gel. It is not a well-lathering product (don’t expect a lot of foam from clarifying shampoo anyway). My hair and scalp feel great. My hair looks naturally clean, bouncy and shiny. I hope that all the residual and filming agents were rinsed off!

I usually use exfoliant treatment for my face every other week or more frequently (depends). I can also add Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo on my weekend treatment regimen too! This is my favorite item in the kit. I noticed my recent highlights are a little lighter, but I’m not sure whether it’s from this product.

Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner | Full size is $26 or $70

It injects curls with naturally hydrating ingredients to create a lightweight, breathable moisture foundation within curls, with no unwanted leave-behind that weighs down or suppresses curl formation.

Key Product Benefits

     Gives curls body and substance without weighing them down

    Encourages a well-defined curl pattern with healthy movement

    Free of residues and polymers that interfere with styling

Uneven moisture levels within curl cuticles hinder consistent curl formation, create dull or limp patches and reduce the effectiveness of styling products.

Moisture Lock helps build a lasting, breathable moisture foundation within the curl cuticle that dramatically improves curl formation, ease of styling and even the look of hair color. Arnica Extract rebalances curls with weight and substance to form with definition and bounce, while anti-oxidants protect curls and create healthy, glossy shine.

How to use: Place a dollop in the palm of hands and rub together. Gently run hands throughout wet or damp hair, spreading the conditioner. Keep application away from scalp to allow pores to breathe. Do not rinse out. If ends are still dry and frizzy after styling, apply as needed to hydrate curls and seal in moisture with high shine.


IcanGWP review: The average review from over 100 reviewers is 4.7. Some reviewers think it’s the best leave in conditioner they’ve tried. They like having softer and manageable hair without leaving behind any sticky residue. Most importantly it is lasts all day! Some reviewers reported that a rinse-out conditioner doesn’t give enough moisture compared to leave-in conditioner.

I think that leave-in conditioner is a good idea. Shampoo cleanses and opens up the certain layers of your hair, conditioner gets in, then seals it back = healthier hair.

First impression: white creamy texture + citrus fragrance. It is refreshing for spring. It helps the frizz a lot throughout the day. I ran my errands for a while and noticed a very fantastic fragrance. It is Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner that now turns into a lovely, nuanced and luxirious jasmine smell. I can’t tell yet about long the term results but I am sure they formulated in such a way that it will make our hair look and much healthier from within. It is a big hit for incredible fragrance on this one!

Ouidad Botanical Boost Curl Energizing & Refreshing Spray | Full size is $20 or $50

It infuses curly strands with an energizing blend of nourishing botanicals, natural hydrators and anti-oxidants to energize and reawaken curl formation in both first and second day styles.

     Energizes curls with lasting spring, definition and uniformity

    Seals in moisture to detangle and protect against mechanical stress

    Won’t build up, allowing for frequent style-refreshing reapplications

Curls are at constant risk of moisture loss and dehydration. Dry curls don’t have the internal weight to form with definition and all curls need regular infusions of moisture and nourishment to activate and optimize curl formation.

Botanical Boost helps curls form by energizing them from within, infusing nourishing botanicals deep inside hair to reawaken the curl structure, encourage curl formation and refresh curl definition and style. Botanical Boost leaves no unwanted residue or buildup, which allows for multiple applications throughout the day and for refreshing second-day styles.

How to use: For use on wet or dry hair. On wet hair, spray all over freshly washed, damp hair for additional moisture, especially before combing so curls have extra protection. On dry hair, to refresh late day, second-day or slept-in styles, spray all over hair and cup curls with palms of hands to instantly revive them. Curls will perk up and re-form without frizz.


IcanGWP review: Average review is 4.8. Most reviewers think it helps to improve curl and bounce, and reduces frizz for a couple days after washing. They use it in the morning and have a travel size in their purse for midafternoon!

It’s housed in a nice spray bottle. The mist is really fine. I think that this is a great little bottle. You can touch up your curl to calm frizz during the day. There is no smell in this product (or almost not-noticeable). This product is one of my best discoveries for helping my curl  to look great (I use a curling wand). My family are surprised that my curls ‘stay’ all day! I like that I can use it as much as I want and it will not ever smell bad or weigh my hair down. Most importantly, it doesn’t make your hair look like it has ‘stiff glue’ on it. We shouldn’t go to bed with that artificial paste on our hair, so I think this is a very nice option for styling without shampooing your hair everyday.

Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel | Full size is $26 or $70

It is a smart gel that fills each hair strand with optimal moisture levels, sealing it from the inside with lightweight, water-soluble polymers to hold and prevent expansion in even the most humid conditions without heavy, greasy residue.

Key Product Benefits

     Prevents frizz, flyaways and unwanted volume

    Protects curls and helps preserve hair color

    Gentle, sulfate-free formula

Every Curl, regardless of type or condition, is porous and prone to absorbing humidity and expanding.

Climate Control Gel solves this problem in an entirely new way, working from the inside out, to create a lasting humidity barrier, without surface stiffness, stickiness, or weight.

An infusion of natural nourishing extracts (Almond, Henna Leaf, Chamomile, Kiwi) helps Curls achieve the perfect balance of moisture to restore internal weight. Water-soluble polymers then seal in this vital moisture, creating a barrier that locks out frizz without build-up, or any greasy residue. Curls form with definition, natural feel and movement, and the ultimate frizz protection – and stay that way.

How to use: When hair is still damp, divide into 4-6 sections. Start with a nickel-size dollop of gel and use the Rake & Shake technique. Spread gel through the first section, with fingers separated like a rake. Rake fingers through under sections of hair first. Then, work downward from the crown to the ends and then rake from the temple and forehead to the crown. This ensures complete coverage and prevents under sections from stacking out once dry. Then holding the ends, shake hair back and forth to create curls. Repeat process using more gel as needed for each section. Let hair dry naturally or blow-dry on low heat with a diffuser.


IcanGWP review: Average review is 4.9. There are more than 200 reviewers on their site and they love this item. They like it because their hair never feels weighed down or crunchy. Many reviewers have tried so many items and this is their must-have. This is also the best-selling Ouidad product at Sephora.

This product has a lotion texture. There’s a wee bit of light floral fragrance. To be honest I have straight hair, I applied it and my hair is nicer and softer but this is not a product for my hair type at all. It didn’t do much to my hair.

I was once working on a project with my friends at night. One of our friends arrived and her hair was curly. She is always a straight hair gal. We were wondering and asked what happened? (why you curled your hair at night, wait… why you started to curl your hair, or are you experimenting and etc.). Her answer is simple: this is my natural hair. I was lazy so I used the curling cream and let it dry. Ger hair is super cute (loose curl) and it suits her so well, she is so adorable with her curly hair. That’s it! You just need a product that you can quickly throw it in and done! You can blow dry it with diffuser if you want. See diffuser gear on Sephora or BeautyBrands.


What I thought?

Ouidad Curl Essentials Trial Set is comprised of their best-selling products of all time. You can buy this set and get to try the best they are offering, isn’t that awesome? Turned out that I really like it! I wish that this set also came with a hair mask. Our body needs so much to build every single hair. Nutrition is the most important part to have healthy hair (see  Supplements at Nordstrom here). Cleaning and nourishing your scalp properly is also a key. Everything starts from there. I am most excited by Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo because I use clarifying shampoo regularly and this brand is great for my scalp. Please note that some products in this set contains sulfate, something to keep in mind if you’re allergic.

In my opinion, I keep alternating my haircare because I do not want any product buildup. All Ouidad products I have tried are very gentle but effective. There are many haircare brands. Ouidad is, no doubt, one of the best curly hair experts. They have proven themselves and gained trust from loyal customers. As I am reading through all the reviews on their site, they are by return customers that are using several Ouidad products in their haircare regimen.  ouidad_042016_review_icangwp6

Have you tried Ouidad yet? What do you think about their products?

Ouidad Buying Tips and Coupons

Ouidad provides products for four types of curls (identify your curl type here).

Identifying Your Curl - Ouidad 2016-04.png

Product page: Loose curls, Classic curls, Tight Curls and Kinky curls.

Ouidad - The Curl Experts 2016-04 4 hair types.png

See Ouidad travel size ($10) shop here.

ouidad 042016 loyalty-product-shot.jpg

For Normal-Healthy Curly Hair see here.

Products For Normal-Healthy Curly Hair - Ouidad 2016-04.png

Special Offers page at Ouidad.com here. They are also offering products for kids (no time for tears shampoo and etc.). Curls For A Cure! Now When You Buy KRLY Kid No More Knots Conditioner Ouidad Will Donate $1 To The Breast Cancer Research Foundation!


Ouidad Coupons

ouidad 042016 5 free samples.jpg

Ouidad (NEW) Through 4/15: Free Shipping on any order no code needed.  Receive a 2.5oz Curl Quencher Moisturizing Styling Gel (full size $26 – $70) free with $75 purchase AND 5 Free Samples  use promo code CQGEL416, ends 4/15.

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Plus you can combined previous offer with this offer too. (3d) Friends & Family Product Spotlight: Buy one 8.5oz Ultra-Nourishing Cleansing Oil, get a second one at 50% Off. Use code ULTRA2X, ends 4/21.  This product is a top seller at Sephora here.

ouidad 042016 f and f

PSST … I have one more coupon code below!

Ouidad Membership Program and Perks

Enroll to their free membership program: Ouidad Curl Circle Rewards:

get 30 points immediately

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share and get 10 points (Facebook, Twitter and email)

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subscribe to email 30 points

ouidad Loyalty Landing Page 2016-04 earn point

50 extra points on your first order

Login to your account and use promo code CURLWELCOME to get 10% off your first order

Every 100 points you will get free gift of your choice see more detail here.

ouidad Loyalty Landing Page 2016-04 rewards

Normally, free shipping with any $50 or adds $5.95.

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I hope you enjoyed the post! I am so grateful you are here – many many thanks! If you have any beauty tips you would like to share, do share! I love reading your comments.

Press sample courtesy of Ouidad. Thank you.

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