The reviews are in! Barneys Love Yourself Spring Sample Bag is one of those rare and exceedingly special beauty gifts that you really have to own to fully appreciate. This ultra-luxurious women’s sample filled bag is offered to any customers who spend $200 through 3/11/2017. Beauties, time to really shine and love yourself! Relax, savor and be pampered from these Barneys favorites. This gift is a wonderful selection of upscale beauty brands for a wide variety of skin types, concerns or makeup styles.

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In this post, I provide you my thoughts and swatches of the first few items in the Barneys Love Yourself Women’s Sample Bag 2017.

UPDATE: See part 2 of my review for 9 items here.

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This year gift is a great assortment of high-end brands in mini versions which I’ve never tried before but now love and would get again! Worthwhile to try a range you’d never think to choose before. It’s the perfect treat of new brands and new products for yourself.

Next up, the Barneys Love Yourself Women’s Sample Bag 2017 review!

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La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Crème Review (7ml)

Full size $2,060 (500ml)

IcanGWP review: We have lots and lots of new skincare items to choose from, and yet we use a few from La Mer on a daily basis. This is the new texture of the famous Crème de la Mer. If you find the original formula is truly a life changing item, you will see a transformation in this one as well. It makes a huge difference. For me it’s almost identical, just a little bit lighter and softer. Although pricey, a little goes a long way. It is the one item that you should spend that kind of money on.

Marvis Classic Strong Mint Toothpaste Review

Full size $12

Marvis flavors are created by offsetting the aroma of mint, to provide the freshness you need, with innovative notes to offer you a long-lasting pleasurable taste sensation that can be different every day. The Marvis Formula: White, protected teeth, fresh breath all day long, helps prevent tooth decay, tartar and plaque. Contains Fluoride.

IcanGWP Review: This Italian brand, Marvis, introduces us to a luxury surprise of oral care products. The silver hue tube, cap, and material are delightful. The paste itself is not gritty and very smooth. They nailed this signature strong peppermint flavor – both taste and scent! It has a refreshing aroma and tastes like sweet mint. Teeth feel clean and refreshed. The best part is the incredibly long lasting fresh breath. I’m impressed with this effective fluoride toothpaste. It simply turned our daily cleaning ritual into a wonderful sensory experience. You would really enjoy their apothecary toothpaste.

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LOEWE duo – 001 Woman Eau De Parfum and 001 Man Eau De Parfum Review 2ml x 2

Full size $90 (50ml)

IcanGWP Review: LOEWE duo is such a smart perfume set. Isn’t it nice for you and a man in your life to have a complementing scent? What is so special? It is designed so that you can layer woman and man products together to create a third scent altogether. Unisex trend you have it!

  • The 001 Woman Eau De Parfum is a powerful, tender and appealing fragrance.
  • The 001 man Eau De Parfum (yes, I tried it) has a woody, fresh with a hint of sweet musk scent.

The mix? It’s intense but this is my favorite. It’s an enjoyable autumntime scent. It evolves into a sweetly complex mix of musk, sandalwood, bergamot and vanilla. It’s fun!

3LAB M Cream Review

Full size $290

“M” Cream is the first cosmetic product to contain stem cells from a rare Swiss apple. This cream hydrates and firms the skin thanks to a combination of Apple Stem Cell Technology and Bio-Engineered Renewal Complex. This luxurious de-stressing cream works to increase resiliency while also giving the skin a natural radiant glow.

IcanGWP Review: This high performance beige cream has a dreamy lightweight texture. It’s aroma is like citrus creamsicle – something you would want to put on your skin. According to 3LAB, they recommend using this M cream morning or night after serum. This magical cream transforms into liquid once introduced to the warmth of the skin. It quickly absorbed into the skin while leaving a protective film on the surface. I can confirm that M Cream superbly hydrates the skin and skin is left soft, smooth and supple! It’s very satisfying to use. I cannot tell the long term anti-aging result yet but I am grateful I had the chance to try 3 Lab “M” Cream. M cream really plumped up my skin and made it appear fresher in the dry weather-induced skin. Fruit stem cells in skincare are pretty novel and only a handful of research studies are provided. It would be nice to see this line grow.

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Davines OI Absolute Beautifying Potion Review

Full size $22

The special formula contains Roucou oil from the Amazon which is rich in restructuring, growth-stimulating and antioxidant properties.

For an anti-frizz effect protective on the hair apply 2-3 squeezes of OI / OIL on damp hair, distributing it evenly on the lengths and ends, then dry. For a shiny and soft finishing apply approximately 2-3 squeezes of OI / OIL to lengths and ends of dry hair

IcanGWP review: I start this sample and fall in love with the product within the first usage. This magic oil  is incredibly refined. Davines Ol is such a wonderful multitasking product. The best part is its beautiful scent. In my opinion, this really is the perfect summer scent. The aroma is sunny and floral that invigorates and refreshes the hair and the senses. It adds a gorgeous intense shine to my hair. I don’t need to rinse my hair like other hair oils or serums. If you have seen someone with salon quality shine and healthy looking hair, that’s what this product delivers! If you love the idea of combining anti-frizz protective and a silky shining hair booster into one handy product, then you should give this product a try.

Givenchy Beauty Rouge Interdit Vinyl Lipstick Review  N 23 Fuchsia In-The-Know

Full size $33 (0.11oz) (available in 14 shades)

Givenchy Rouge Interdit Vinyl is the ultimate accessory for lips. This deliberately different lipstick boldly dares everything: extreme shine, impactful shades, and an obvious plump-up effect. The unique formula combines rare black rose oil for extreme moisture with a silicone resin for a vinyl-like shine. Lips instantly appear fuller and smoother with intense color.

IcanGWP Review: Givenchy lives up to their hype. It really is an extraordinary lipstick. To me it does not feel like putting on a regular lipstick. It feels invisible but with beautiful pigment. My lips instantly appear fuller. No shimmer, glitter or discernible taste. I adore the black rose oil they use. It smells heavenly and feels so good on the lips.

The best part that it really shines is how it appears on our lips. It is like you do not wear any lip product but it’s your lips with complete beautiful coral hued fuchsia! I can’t wait to try other shades if they will look utterly perfect like this one! You definitely need to try this Fuchsia In-The-Know shade. It has a very seductive vinyl fuchsia. Minor transfer but just not noticeable. I find the product remains for several hours. Here’s the swatch:

barneys love yourself sample bag 2017 givency swatch review by icangwp beauty blog your gift with purchase destination.JPG-resized.jpg

Quick Take:

The flood of beauty perks from more and more beauty retailers has become increasingly evident. While there are excellent beauty bonuses at all price points, what separates Barneys New York from the rest has not only to do with the quality, quantity or upscale brands they carry but also how well the curated beauty gifts work together. Every single one of samples in the 2017 Barneys Love Yourself Women’s Bag are thoughtfully selected. Barney creates such a pure joy and indulging beauty routine and proudly presents it to us. After just the first few items in this year’s bag, I truly experienced how perfect the leader of upscale beauty retailers is. Barneys Love Yourself Bag is an obsession-worthy gift haul of the year and it has quickly become one of my all-time favorites! Get your hands on it, it’s so worth it.

Barney’s Love Yourself Beauty Event runs from March 7 – 11, 2017. This year, choose your   complimentary 22-piece Barneys Love Yourself Sample Bag 2017 from – men or women options.

In addition, see all 40 available online step-up gifts here.

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Love to hear your comments and thoughts! I will have the rest of the review coming up soon.

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