When I was in Korea, there were big shelves of interesting tools. I’m honestly not sure what it all was. I didn’t purchase anything much from there because it was too big to fit in my suitcase. When I came across this Nooni Intro Kit at Memebox, I grabbed it right away. Below is my experience with the NOONI Mashmallow whip maker and the rest of the set.

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Let’s witness this Korean beauty trial kit from deep cleansing to nighttime moisturizer! It comes in a cute soft bag. It’s bigger than the Sephora Play drawstring bag.

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Little booklet introduces you to this K-beauty set.

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Nooni Intro Kit $10

Innovative, fun, and always affordable, the Nooni skincare brand makes sure your daily beauty ritual is never boring or basic. This deluxe sample set of Nooni’s best-sellers is the perfect way to get to know the brand, plus it’s great for traveling and gifting!

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Nooni Snowflake Whipping Cleanser review | 15ml

It’s a silky cream that turns into a snow-like fluff to gently removes makeup, dirt, and oil. 7 White Flowers Complex (Rose, Lotus, Jasmine, Freesia, Lily, Edelweiss, and Daffodil): brightens and soothes troubled skin

Nooni Marshmallow Whip Maker Review| 1pc

With the Whip Maker, your basic cleanser gets an upgrade and becomes a marshmallowy cloud with a lowered pH level, so that your skin is “whipped” into tip top shape! Your cleanser becomes gentler, but no less effective, for beautifully refreshed skin that looks and feels supple, not stripped.

How to use:

  1. For an even richer lather, use the Whip Maker by pouring powder wash and water mixture or a pearl-sized amount of whipping cleanser and water up to the dotted line.
  2. Pump up and down.
  3. Scoop out the fluff and cleanse away.

IcanGWP Review: I’m over the moon excited to try this whip foam cleanser and whip foam maker. This is the review for this item and the Snowflake Cleanser. While we have Clarisonic and all facial cleaning devices to make sure we scrub off everything, Korean beauty is big for the concept of ‘no rub – no touch’ cleaning with whip foam. I used a pearl-sized amount product as they recommend and put it on the punch pad. I pumped around 10 times and the whipping foam expanded to about four times the original amount, pretty cool to witness it. The mashmallowy foam is so soft and so incredibly luxurious! See the yummy mashmallow!

Marshmallow Whip Maker  Baby Pink.png

Pros and cons here.

Pros: I like that I can clean my face without rubbing it. It’s a very gentle approach and I can understand the goodness of healthier skin from this less abrasive cleaning and less cleansing agent on your face. It’s excellent for a gentle morning regimen. It will be handy when you have extra sensitive skin from sun, exfoliant, retinol, laser treatments or others.

Cons: It just did not feel clean – not for the night time routine after a long day wearing makeup. It takes more time, is messier (but way more fun,you can literally whip anything into foam!)

The average review on the Memebox’s site is 4.8.

Nooni Snowflake Cleanser Review | 15g

As the first step in your double-cleanse routine, our Snowflake Cleanser melts away makeup, sebum, and impurities. It’s a multi-tasker that transforms from a cleansing balm, into an oil, and then to a milk, with all the healing and moisturizing benefits of Shea Butter, and Lotus Extract for brighter, healthier, softer, and beautifully refreshed skin.

IcanGWP Review: I haven’t tried this product yet. This ‘oxygen water from Jeju Island’ is one of the most famous item from Nooni. There are almost 100 reviews on the Memebox site and the average score is 4.6.

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Nooni Ceramide Facial Cream #Fresh Review | 10g

This lightweight, watery gel cream stars the following key ingredients: – Magnesium-rich Deep Sea Water: detoxes skin, locks in moisture, speeds up cell turnover rate, and battles acne and other skin problems – Ceramide NP: creates a barrier to lock in moisture on the skin and fend off damaging environmental pollutants – Hyaluronic Acid: attracts moisture from the air and delivers into skin – Witch Hazel Extract & Tea Tree Oil: controls oil production and reduces the appearance of pores

IcanGWP review: The full size of this product is $23. It’s truly from the sea because the first ingredient is “Sea Water”. It reminds me of the Pixi Glow Tonic (the non-exfoliating version). It’s an ultra lightweight gel that is very hydrating. I really like the dewy look this cream creates. I was turning my face to see the water-like glow on my face. It’s healthy. I am planning to finish this product in the upcoming summer. The product name is misleading, the amount of ceramide is so tiny (the second last ingredient). There’s some alcohol in this product. I would recommend this product as a daytime moisturizer with sunscreen.

Nooni Collagen Facial Cream #Balancing Review | 10g

This rich, non-sticky cream features the following skin-loving ingredients: – Magnesium-rich Deep Sea Water: detoxes skin, locks in moisture, speeds up cell turnover rate, and battles acne and other skin problems – Collagen: creates a protective layer on skin and seals in moisture – Aloe Vera, Fig, and Shea Butter: soothes and nourish skin

IcanGWP review: The most amazing thing about this product is its aroma. I’m considering buying their reed diffusers! It’s the freshest botanical – first bloom garden in the morning feeling. I am addicted. The product is a medium weight cream. It absorbs well and doesn’t leave any obvious shine. It’s rich compared to everything else in the set. I would recommend this product as a nighttime moisturizer for normal to dry skin. Similar to the above gel, the amount of ceramide is so tiny and there’s some alcohol in this product.

Pore Cleansing Jelly Pad.png

Pore Cleansing Jelly Pad Review | 1 pc

It’s your favorite cleanser’s new BFF. Nooni’s Pore Cleansing Jelly Pad helps clear out those blackheads and hard-to-reach pores. Made of uber-soft silicone, the flexible pad is perfect for getting into the corners to gently slough off dry skin, for a more luminous, smoothed complexion.

  1. Apply and massage cleansing oil or foaming cleanser onto face.
  2. Using the Cleansing Jelly Pad, continue to cleanse and massage face in gentle circular motions to exfoliate.
  3. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

IcanGWP review: This pore cleansing pad is a soft silicone tool that you can use to exfoliate your skin. Similar idea to the more expensive version like a battery operated cleansing device. There a little button on the back that helps you hold it while applying to your face. I like the big soft surface. It is definitely not nearly as soft compared to a more expensive version. The knots are not as tight and tall but the bendable shape is more ergonomic than the sea shell-like shape. The cleansing surface contains two different zones. The soft small knots surface and the big knots for extra exfoliation. I felt it can be too abrasive if you overdo it. Surprisingly, this Pore cleansing jelly pad does the job! It cleaned my pores. It did make my skin dry a little bit. No brainers if you want to give it a try if this approach will help you have healthier skin. It’s only $4 – $5.

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They also sent me these extra items:

NOONI Fruit Enzyme Exfoliating Cleanser

Packed with fruit enzymes, this powder-to-foam cleanser is the perfect cleanser for oily skin, thanks to its gentle yet powerful features: – Magnesium-rich Deep Sea Water: detoxes skin, locks in moisture, speeds up cell turnover rate, and battles acne and other skin problems. – Papain: a smart enzyme from Papaya that identifies and eats away dead skin cells. This smart enzyme is more effective than a scrub and less irritating than chemical formulas.

IcanGWP review: The powder grains are big compared to other power cleansers. After mixing the powder and water on my palm, I pressed and rubbed to create foam. It did not lather much.  It generated a creamy foam from the starch content, very unique. It cleaned well and my face is soft, felt nice. This product doesn’t have any scent.


I had a great time! You can’t go wrong with this $10 Nooni intro kit from Memebox. The whip maker alone is $6 and it’s a must-try experience if you are into the K-beauty routine. Especially if you have a stubborn acne problem and want to try this brand from Korea. The whip maker is handy and I will keep it in my beauty kit when my skin needs an extra gentle cleanse. Remember, this tool will whip anything and any brand.

What do you think? I hope you enjoyed the post. Share your tip and thoughts in the comment below!

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