This is so sad to everyone (and to myself who is also a customer too). I don’t like to report negative news, but WE DESERVE TO KNOW what’s going on! The original article is published at AOL here.

U… Beauty is facing allegations of unsanitary sales practices in a lawsuit.

A California woman is suing the suburban Chicago-based retailer over claims the company sells make-up that has been returned.

The lawsuit comes after a former employee posted photos alleging to show returned make-up being cleaned and re-packaged before being re-sold.

The allegations began after Twitter use @fatinamxo, who claimed to be a former U… employee, posted several messages about her time as an employee:

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(there’s more images but I can’t take it anymore)

Other U… employees said they have done the same thing.

U… issued a statement saying it is does not allow the sale of re-used or damaged products.

The lawsuit seeks damages for the money consumers spent purchasing used beauty products, and injunctive relief to force U… to stop repackaging used beauty products and reselling them.

One word Ew…. What do you think?