The prestigious department store Barneys New York lives up its reputation and offers the greatest summer gift bag of 2019 for free with any $200 beauty, wellness or fragrance purchase from beauty department here or grooming depatment here! I have the first half of my Barneys Gift Bag review below.

I’ve found my new favorite from this 22 samples Barneys GWP, Mila Moursi Refining Lotion, which I call Sunday Riley Good Genes sister! If anyone’s been thinking about a Barneys New York splurge, now might be the time to go for it!

barneys gift bag 22 samples review by icangwp beauty blog june 2019
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Barneys Beauty Gift Bag Review June 2019

Mila Moursi Refining Lotion review

Full size $160

Harry Josh Carbon tail comb in full size $20

How to Apply: After cleansing and toning the skin, apply 4 drops into the palm of your hand and smooth evenly over face, avoiding the eye area. Apply 4 drops to the neck and décolleté. Wait 5 minutes before applying appropriate treatment cream. For night use only.

  • For dry skin, use every other night until desired result is obtained.
  • For sensitive skin, use 2-3 times a week depending on skin sensitivity until desired result is obtained.
  • For combination to oily skin, use every night until desired result is obtained.
barneys gift bag review by icangwp beauty blog june 2019 mila reivew

IcanGWP Review: There are so many Mila Moursi Hollywood devotees like Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Williams and Courtney Cox. If you are a fan of cult favorite Sunday Riley Good Genes like me, one note to you: they have changed the Good Genes formula in Europe! It no longer contains Lactic acid. So when I see how Mila Moursi Refining Lotion contains Lactic, Glycolic Acids and a powerful blend of natural soothing botanical ingredients, vitamins and antioxidant goodies, I’m pretty excited.

The lotion is confusing, it actually has a clear liquid texture. It has a strong acidic scent. I applied a chickpea size amount all over my face. It sinks into the skin beautifully. It’s gentle. I experienced no discomfort. I like to touch my skin after Mila Moursi lotion is applied. It feels like silk on my skin. This clarifying formula leaves the dryer parts of my skin with a healthy, translucent and youthful skin tone as they claim. I am literally shocked to see appearance of wrinkles are slightly diminished. I don’t see obvious dark spot fading.

This is reminding me how important the texturizer is. Chemical dead skin removal aids skin turnover tremendously and results in smoother and more youthful appearance. One aside: I used it every night and didn’t see any further improvement. I guess my skin cycle can only exfoliate and regenerate enough. So you can use less and apply less, have fun experimenting, listen to your skin.

If you are looking for a universal overnight exfoliating treatment, look no further. Barneys has a great 5-piece full regimen: Mila Moursi L’Optimal Lifting Ritual Set for $255.


La Mer The Regenerating Serum review

Full size $345

Yves Saint Laurent Beauty Top Secrets Instant Matte Pore Refiner | Full size $35

la mer the regenerating review by icangwp blog

IcanGWP Review: Here comes the best-selling The Regenerating Serum from La Mer. La Mer emporium has two core serums which are The Regenerating and The Concentrate. The former focuses on: Visibly diminishes lines and wrinkles while the latter focus on: A concentrated treatment to strengthen, visibly soothe and protect. I’d recommend The Regenerating for normal to oily skin while The Concentrate for dry to normal skin. I think that both are excellent serum for sensitive skin.

The feather lightweight regenerating serum has a luxe botanical aroma with a  hint of floral background. It’s intoxicating, light and relaxing and gender neutral. The product is non-greasy. The Key Ingredients: Miracle Broth™, Marine Peptide Ferment, Regenerating Ferment™.

la mer the concentrate.jpg

My skin always responds incredibly well with La Mer Miracle Broth and all their unique sea-sourced ferments. This powerhouse blend contains 90 cocktails of treatment goodies. La Mer claims the serum will help skin’s natural production of collagen, elastin and other supportive proteins. It will take time to see the long term results for these targeted benefits deep within the skin’s surface. What I can tell now is my skin is brighter, tighter and softer.

It’s perfect if you think you have skin inflammation. My skin has a little bit of micro rash. May be from food I eat, it’s not visible but it’s there. After continuing using this serum for 5 days, the rash is calm. I love that it helps strengthen my skin from inside.

Several reviewers praised how good it is to calm and heal red or rosacea skin. I almost always get some dry patches after 25% exfoliate with Drunk Elephant Suraki Facial. So I gave this serum a try to test the “La Mer healing power”. It works! The fact that I left the treatment on longer but have no sore redness or dry patches has proven La Mer’s reputation!

If you are very focused on skincare that is as luxurious as it is effective, this La Mer Regenerating Serum could be your next obsession!

Starskin Lace Revamping Mask review

in full size $15

barneys gift bag review by icangwp beauty blog june 2019 starskin mask review

IcanGWP Review: I’m excited to try this pretty mask. It stays on well. It doesn’t have any cooling, stinging effects. It’s not dripping into my eyes. It has no scent. I like that it covers upper eye lids, brows and above. It’s an area that I don’t put a lot of skincare on or no treatment masks. But a lot of makeup, and rubbing to take it off. I love the relaxation and glowing results. The ingredients are good. It has Hyaluronic acid, collagen, mugwort and Adenosine which help reduce visibility of fine lines rejuvenates skin. The price is right, don’t forget to grab a few Starskin masks from Barneys Beauty to try! If you plan to take a few pictures, I highly recommend drawing your eyebrow higher than usual.

Shiseido Bio Performance Lift Dynamic Eye Treatment review

Full size $75

Malin Goetz Stem EDP  | Barneys Exclusive Full size $95

barneys gift bag review by icangwp beauty blog june 2019 shiseido review

IcanGWP Review: I have high hopes and love/hate feelings with this eye cream. I think that it might not be moisturizing enough as an eye cream. It’s so effective at calming down puffiness around under eye areas but it doesn’t help on the dark pigment there. No improvement on eye lids either. It would be a good eye serum to boost your regular eye cream!

JINSoon Polka Black Review

(Assortment of Nail Polish) in full size $18

Harmonist Magnetic Wood EDP $9.40 value | Barneys exclusive Full size $305

barneys gift bag review by icangwp beauty blog june 2019 jinsoon review

IcanGWP Review: I received the shade called Polka Black. Ladies, this is a chic-proof top coat from JINsoon. The product’s scent is considerably  mild for nail polishes. The thin clear polish has micro black and big glitter dot flakes in it. It’s pretty difficult to apply and control the hexagonal dots. It dries fast.

I washed or sanitized my hands 10 or more times every day. I didn’t put another top coat on and the JINsoon polka black stays forever and it didn’t get caught on anything. It’s a huge pain to remove big dots and I highly recommend very strong acetone nail polish remover to avoid scrubbing your nails.

You can see my (amateur) JINSoon Polka Black swatch below. I think it looks best on metallic gold. A lot of potential. What are your suggestions, I’m all ears!

jinsoon polka black swatch by icangwp blog

Hourglass Deluxe Caution Mascara review

Full size $29

Diptyque Eau de Minthe EDP | Full size $175

barneys gift bag 22 samples review by icangwp beauty blog june 2019 hourglass mascara review

IcanGWP Review: Anything Hourglass gets my attention including their new mascara. This is such a dream mascara, why did I have to spend so many years finding a perfect mascara? The sleek triangle wand is so ergonomic. The bristle is dense and the small tip is great for reaching every lash. I love to wiggle it to create a perfect lash – length, curl and volume you name it. Ladies, it stayed curled all day long. I don’t like to use it as a second coat after Chanel eyelash primer, but other than that this is another worthy obsession from Hourglass.

Barneys cosmetics bag review

IcanGWP Review: This is one of the show stoppers of this gift bag really! It’s so chic! I can pair it with any drawstring handbag and it’s so handy and upscale looking!

barneys gift with purchase june 2019 icangwp blog


The upscale Barneys does it again. The Barneys gift bag is truly worth their reputation. This is the best Barneys summer gift bag ever for me. I love the curation that is excellent for summer. They are thoughtfully selected. A variety of great brands that are worth trying before you buy.

I believe that Barneys gift bag is designed for wide range of skin types and to address all the concerns! I love the feel of these products on my face and some will remain in my beauty arsenal! This ultra luxurious gift bag is so stunning and I highly recommend it!

This 22 samples goody bag from Barneys New York is live at: through 6/22 or this Saturday only! It ships free and combined with 50+ step-up gift!

barneys gwp 23pc w 200 icangwp beauty blog.jpg

To sum up here are the content of Barneys Beauty Gift Bag:

*Sample contents may vary from those pictured and listed.

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