If you have extra space in your bathroom, a mini beauty fridge might be worth having. I’ve rounded up 10 Best Skincare Fridges 2021 for you below including Flawless Beauty fridge at Ulta, TEAMI beauty fridge at Nordstrom and more. I list all coupons and free beauty gift with purchase for you beauty fridge purchase too!

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Are beauty fridges worth it?

According to Health, There is no difference in the actual properties and benefits. But if you tend to use formulas with a shorter shelf life (more on that later), enjoy the feeling of something cold on your face. According to GOOP, Storing clean and all-natural beauty products in the fridge for preserving reasons does make sense—but only if the product is one you don’t use frequently. Without toxic preservatives like parabens, clean products have the potential to turn more quickly than conventional ones, but most are made with natural preservatives that keep them fresh for a fair amount of time. A great face oil or a fantastic shampoo you’re going to want to use practically every day, so you’ll probably use it up long before it has the potential to go bad (plus, oils shouldn’t have any water in them); a mask, on the other hand, might be more every-once-in-awhile, so the fridge might make sense. Likewise natural fragrances, if the bottle’s a large one. But for the most part, refrigerate only if, unlike me, you relish the idea of a cooling beauty product touching your skin.

Do you need a skincare fridge?

According to Shape, It’s not a necessity since most skin-care products don’t need to be refrigerated, says Hadley King, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor of dermatology at the Weill Medical College of Cornell University. But many beauty manufacturers do recommend that skin-care products be stored somewhere that’s between 45 and 50 degrees. “This temperature range maintains ideal consistency of products while reducing the risk of growth of bacteria, mold and yeast, and decreasing risk of accelerated deactivation of active ingredients and preservatives,” explains Dr. King. (Related: Are There Too Many Products In Your Skin-Care Routine?)
Your best bet is to “make sure they’re always stored in a cool, dry place and avoid letting them sit in hot and humid places,” says Dr. King. If there’s no ventilation in your bathroom and it takes hours for the steam to fade from your mirrors, that humidity can increase risk of growth of bacteria, mold, and yeast, and the hot temperatures can increase risk of accelerated deactivation of active ingredients and preservatives and affect the texture and consistency of products, she adds.
This, actually, is where storing your skin-care in a fridge might come in handy.

FYI – standard temp for a kitchen fridge 35-38°F.

Can you put food in a Skincare fridge?

According to Good House Keeping, Skincare fridges operate the same as mini portable fridges for food, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends that foods be stored at 40ºF or below. “For beauty products, just make sure the fridge doesn’t run below 32ºF so they don’t freeze,” Papantoniou says.

What should you not put in a skin refrigerator?

According to Shape, Just don’t put any makeup, fragrances, or oils in the fridge—under cold temperatures, these can separate and become harder to use. According to Byrdie, You should avoid placing sunscreens and silicone-based products in a fridge, as they’re typically more stable at room temp, says Barnett. “If they get too cold, the products will harden in the fridge and might break down or separate in the bottle,” she explains.

What is the best beauty fridge?

Here’s a list of the ten of the best skincare fridges to store all of your self-care goodies. Shop the best skincare fridges below:

1. Flawless Beauty Fridge $59.99 at Ulta (free GWPs and coupons) and Amazon

Lightweight and compact, the Flawless Beauty Fridge from Finishing Touch easily fits into small spaces in your bathroom, bedroom, closet, or wherever you find convenient for your beauty necessities. It is perfect for beauty tools like facial rollers that have added benefits when kept in cool temperatures.

2. TEAMI Luxe Skin Care Fridge $150 at Nordstrom (free GWPs), Bluemercury

Teami keeps your beauty and skin care products chilled at 35–40ºF. It’s perfect for use with serums, eye creams, moisturizers, oils, toners, face masks, all makeup, facial rollers and gua sha tools.

3. Cooluli Mini Fridge $49.99 – $60 available in 7 shades at Macy’s (20% off thru 1/10, see free GWPs), #1 Best Seller in Compact Fridge at Amazon, Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie

Perfect for cooling your crystal roller, serums, creams and sodas, too, this mini fridge from Cooluli is an ultra-versatile addition to your space. Compact, mini design switches from heating to cooling with a thermoelectric system that adapts to your needs with quiet, low-noise operation.

4. SEPHORA COLLECTION Skincare Fridge $60 at Sephora (free GWPs and coupons)

This mini fridge is perfect for sheet masks, skincare, crystals and facial rollers, and so much more. It also offers an additional warm setting for the perfect option for at-home spa nights to keep your towels, warming masks, and sleep accessories cozy.

5. Koolatron Mirrored LED Mini Fridge in White without Freezer $77.99 – $98.99 at Home Depot, Walmart, Amazon
The Koolatron Mirrored LED Cooler/Fridge is a seamless blend of aesthetics and function. Crafted in high gloss finish, it features dimmable LED lighting to illuminate the luxurious tempered mirrored door, controlled using the front touch button.

6. FaceTory Fridge $86 – $120 at FaceTory and Amazon

Finally! A place where you can put all of your skincare products in! Cool your sheet masks and other skincare products and prolong product shelf life.

7. AstroAI Portable Mini Fridge #1 Best Seller in Automotive Interior Coolers & Refrigerators at Amazon

Cool down your skincare routine without having to go to the kitchen fridge. A vital issue for elegant women is to get the beauty care essentials anywhere or anytime they need. Now, the portable mini fridge makes the idea possible.

8. Frigidaire Portable Fridge $36.30 – $39.99 at Target, Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy

Works in any decor from ultra modern to traditional. The compact and portable design fits easily where you need it – on a shelf, desk, table, in your bedroom/dorm, office, car, RV or boat.

9. STYLPRO X ASOS EXCLUSIVE Beauty Fridge $59.99

Helps keep your skincare and cosmetics fresher for longer. Can help to extend shelf life and reduce harmful bacteria

10. Chefman Portable Mini Mirrored Personal Fridge (cool and heat) $49.99 at Target, Amazon

Extend the shelf life of your favorite skin care serums, cosmetic staples, or fresh face masks by keeping them chilled right on your vanity. Use the heat function to keep moist towels warm for a relaxing experience.

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