Diptyque  – Diptyque City Candles will be back online for 7 days only: April 21 – 27, 2022. For the fifth year in a row, Diptyque is making every single one of its unique city candles available to shop online – no passport required! Diptyque City Candles 2022 will be back for $78 at Diptyque City Candles 2022 US, £60 at City Candles UK, and 67€ at City Candles 2022 EU. This year there will be 10 City Candles available to purchase including a newly launch scent Pekin in a golden dragon jar!

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Diptyque City Candles 2022

Inspired by the cities Diptyque boutiques call home! The specialty Diptyque City Candle Collection 2022; unlike Diptyque’s regular line, the city candles are typically only available in-store in the city they’re named for. Diptyque City Candles 2022 in the 190g size will be back for $78 at Diptyque City Candles 2022 US, £60 at City Candles UK, and 67€ at City Candles 2022 EU.

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Discover the City Candles collection, inspired by the spirit of ten world destinations. Journey with us and explore the nuances of each city through the design and scent of each candle. This year, we discover one of the collection’s new cities: the historical, majestic and radiant Pékin/Beijing.

This year Diptyque City Candle series includes New York, Paris, London, Miami, Beverly Hills, Tokyo, Berlin, Shanghai and Hong Kong, as well as the newly launched Pekin.

Screenshot 2022-04-19 at 09-53-44 Pékin_Beijing Candle 190g

According to Diptyque:

The historical, majestic, and radiant Pékin/Beijing is a NEW addition to the City Candles collection. The candle is an homage to this ancient city, its architecture and history, with an elegant and mysterious floral woody accord, lifted by the aromatic notes of green tea.

Now boarding! Diptyque offers a unique interpretation of cities around the world through the exclusive City Candles collection. For 7 days only, embark on a unique journey across the world through olfactory landscapes, architecture and design. Quantities limited to a maximum of 3 per order.

diptyque city candle 2022 pekin icangwp

Diptyque Pekin Candle

diptyque city candle 2022 new york icangwp

Diptyque New York Candle

diptyque city candle 2022 paris icangwp

Diptyque Paris Candle

diptyque city candle 2022 london icangwp

Diptyque London Candle

diptyque city candle 2022 beverly hills icangwp

Diptyque Beverly Hills Candle

diptyque city candle 2022 berlin icangwp

Diptyque Berlin Candle

diptyque city candle 2022 hongkong icangwp

Diptyque Hong Kong Candle

This is such a good Mother’s Day beauty gift for yourself or your loved ones!

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