Here’s my Barneys Love Yourself Fall 2019 gift bag review. When it arrived in the mail, it was chic and stunning as always, living up to its rep as one of the fanciest of the luxury beauty retailers. This year Barneys Love Yourself women’s bag has a $331 value and contains 30 goodies from designers like MDNA, La Mer, Armani, Tom Ford and more. It’s something so special from Barneys and I provided my thoughts on each item below! Today is the last day – see Barney’s New York beauty or grooming departments!

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Barneys Love Yourself Women’s Gift Bag Review

Here’s the women’s version of this year exclusive Barneys Bag. See details for men’s bag here. See the first part of this review (12 samples) in this post.

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3lab Hydrating-Vita Cream | Full size $165 (shown) or 3lab Perfect Neck Cream | Full size $165

Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP Review  | Full size $128 – $180

The iconic oriental chypre and warm floral.

IcanGWP Review: This charming oriental fragrance is wild, deep, and rich (and it’s for women). First it is a sharp and heavy black currant and citrus first note. Then it becomes sensual sandalwood, chocolates, vanilla, jasmine, Ylang-Ylang, woodsy and Amberly representation of black orchid. It’s dark, bold and modern. This is one of the best Tom Ford women perfumes, give it a try.

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MAISON MARGIELA Replica Whispers in the Library Eau de Toilette | Full size $126

Welleco Nourishing Protein Review| Full size $35

Provides endurance, power and energy, while also supporting healthy weight loss by staving off unhealthy cravings. It is formulated from easily digestible organic pea and rice protein and without heavily processed whey protein. Featuring all nine essential amino acids, this plant-based, vegan-friendly formula provides the protein that is essential for tissue repair and growth, fuelling your body with endurance, power and energy. B vitamins, acai, pomegranate, dandelion and rosehip add to the nourishing benefits, adding even more energy. Supporting digestion with a careful mix of pre and probiotics.

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IcanGWP Review: This is my first protein wellness drink review! I haven’t tried any protein drink before so I really don’t know about regular supplement taste but this one is really yummy. I mixed it with cold chocolate milk. Nice chocolate flavor! I feel “really” full and refreshing after that.

The Harmonist Classic Scent | Full size $225 – $305

Sisley Eye & Lip Makeup Remover Review | Full size $77

barneys online review beauty barneys love yourself icangwp 2019 sisley

IcanGWP Review: I like this high-end makeup remover. It has a pleasant light floral scent. Way less than most Sisley products. It’s light and cleans well. I tried it as a third makeup remover and was surprised to still see a lot of makeup being removed. It cannot remove Givenchy Mascara that comes in the gift bag. It removed longwear matte lipstick well (tasted bad though).

Malin+Goetz Advanced Renewal Moisturizer | Full size $76

AUGUSTINUS BADER The Rich Cream Review | Full size $160 – $265

barneys online review beauty barneys love yourself icangwp 2019 augustinus bader

IcanGWP Review: If you are looking for an extra product in your arsenal to combat wrinkles but just nothing works at all, this hi-tech cream will sure delight you! Dr Bader’s Rich Cream and The Cream launched February 2018. His product might be the future of skincare. Why are they so extraordinary? Stem cell technology!

According to Dr Bader, “I had never considered launching a consumer skincare brand,” Bader reveals. “My experience is as a physician and as a research scientist. When I met Charles Rosier [the brand’s co-founder], I was working on a treatment to create scar-free healing in children suffering from severe burns. I was also developing treatments for patients with diabetic wounds, as well as other stem cell-based treatments.”

His discoveries in wound healing and stem cell activation had applications for the aging process, Patented Technology – TFC8®.

According to the brand: Everything the body does is the result of its innate communication processes. As we age, these communications change and certain signals become less frequent, or stop completely. Inspired by Professor Bader’s technology, the key to both creams’ transformative properties is TFC8®, our proprietary Trigger Factor Complex. TFC8® comprises natural amino acids, high-grade vitamins and synthesised molecules naturally found in skin. It guides key nutrients and powerful natural ingredients to the skin cells, creating an optimal environment for the body’s innate processes of repair and renewal. Everything your body needs, it already knows.

The ingredients are superb, luxurious and worth the price. The mid-weight fragrance free cream has a nice emollient texture. It contains lot of nutritious oils, amino acids, skin-essential vitamins, peptides, shea butter, avocado, primrose, and Squalane.

The silky Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream spreads well and I only use a small amount. The light ingredients absorb and part of the oils melt and provide silky protection on the dermis. It’s dewy and I like it. As one of our readers Jen and most reviewers are excited and shared with us – it’s amazing! It plumps the skin after two applications. My skin luminously glows and stay hydrated. It’s like medicine that is healing and curing the skin. Make it healthier for all plumpness, elasticity, smoothness and even skin tone. My oil production in dry and oily areas is more well balanced. There is no clogged pores or breakout.  It did a spectacular job on my skin. It wore well under makeup. It’s flawless so far. This product could easily enter my 2019 Hall of Fame best anti-aging cream. I saw the long-term results and highly recommend!

The only downside I can think of is the steep price, but for me, worth every penny! Tip: I’d go for The Rich Cream version instead of The Cream version.

Rahua Classic Shampoo (22 ml) $2.72 value | Full size $34

Molton Brown Pink Pepper Bath & Body Wash Review | Full size $32

barneys online review beauty barneys love yourself icangwp 2019 rahua

IcanGWP Review: Who doesn’t like Molton Brown? It feels luxe, works well, is gender neutral and looks so good in anyone’s bathroom. This scent starts from spicy blackcurrant pepper and becomes berry-like on the body. I like that it doesn’t contain too much fragrances that dry my skin out. Very nice scent for cold weather.

La Mer The Moisturizing Crème | Full size $90 – $2060

Vitabrid C¹² FACE Brightening Powder Review | Full Size $60 value

Releases active vitamin C into the skin over the course of 12 hours for a firmer, healthier, and more luminous complexion.

barneys online review beauty barneys love yourself icangwp la mer

IcanGWP Review: It’s 25% Zinc Oxide plus tons of Allantoin, Vitamin C, Niacinamide and more. The instructions are to shake it well and add this product to any serum or moisturizer twice a day. As we know that Zinc Oxide, which is mineral, is a superb player in mineral sunscreen. Due to the new nano-sized zinc oxide particles discovered in 2008, this advanced powder formula of zinc oxide is now capable of being applied to the skin without leaving behind a thick white film. Here are the Zinc Oxide benefits (1): Preventing aging of the skin. Improving synthesis of collagen and forming of new connective tissue. Keeping moisture locked into dry skin. Helping to lower skin inflammation associated with irritation or allergies. Preventing bacterial infections. Helping to treat acne breakouts. Improving wound healing. Providing broad-spectrum sun protection and skin cancer. Aiding in recovery of burns and damaged tissue. Lowering inflammatory dermatoses, including rosacea.

The white powder is ultra fine but doesn’t feel too powdery. I like the weight compared with other Vitamin C powders from other brands. It mixed well with any essence, serum or moisturizer.

It adds a little bit of protectant layer to the skincare product it’s mixed with. Not a silicone-y way but more like makes my skin smoother and feels like baby bum! The result is instant! It softens my skin the second day. My skin oiliness and dryness is gradually balanced. The dry cheeks are more like normal now and the T-zone becomes less oily.

Armani Crema Nera Extreme Light Cream| Full size $390

Diptyque Assorted Scents

barneys online review beauty barneys love yourself icangwp armani

Aurelia Cell Repair Night Oil | Full size $96

An award-winning intensive overnight boosting treatment which works in tandem with the skin’s natural nightly repair mode.

Byredo Slow Dance or Gypsy Water | Full size $175 – $260

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This is how beauty gift with purchase is supposed to be. Barneys give us joy and introduces us to new beauty items that we do not know, but that we will definitely purchase in the future. Samples in this curation are so unique and rare that we do not see them in other beauty box subscriptions or gift with purchase offers. If you haven’t had any large gift bag and have saved up for something special for yourself, this is it, it’s so worth it. It’s time to “Love yourself” with Barneys!!

Thank you so much for reading my review! The review above is for only 18 samples in the bag. Here’s the Barneys Love Yourself Women’s Gift Bag full contents.

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+Sample contents may vary from those pictured and listed.

Top Beauty Brands at Barneys New York

111SKIN | 3LAB | Antica Farmacista |Armani | AUGUSTINUS BADER | Bobbi Brown | By Terry| CHANEL | Chantecaille| Cle de Peau Beaute | Colbert MD | Diptyque | Dr Barbara Sturm | Dr Sebagh | DYSON | Giorgio Armani | Givenchy | HOURGLASS | Kjaer Weis | La Mer | La Prairie | Le Labo | Lilah B | Malin+Goetz | Maison Margiela | MDNA SKIN | Molton Brown | NARS | Natura Bisse | NuFace | Organic Pharmacy | Oribe | Korean Beauty Peach & Lily| Rahua | ReVive | Rituals | Sachajuan |  Serge Lutens Beauté | Shiseido | Shu Uemura Art of Hair | Sisley  | Sunday Riley | Surratt | Tatcha | The Harmonist | Tiziana Terenzi | Tom Ford | Westman Atelier | Yves Saint Laurent | Zelens | Barneys Beauty Boxes.

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Thank you Barneys New York Team for the press sample!

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LAST DAY! Spend $200 on beauty or grooming products and receive a complimentary bag filled with 30 deluxe samples! Valid through 10/1 or while supplies last! There are 30 deluxe samples included in each bag listed for both women’s ($331 value) and men’s ($292 value). 

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