Let’s find out my Thai beauty haul and reviews of  Thai cosmetics and Thai makeup items I got from my trip! This review post includes top brands like Cutepress, NuStar, SMOOTO, Pond’s, and Snail White! I grabbed so many beautiful collaborations from this trip — look at the Sanrio and Disney display!

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Thai Beauty Haul and Thai Beauty Reviews

There are so many wonderful items that I recommend buying as a souvenir from Thailand. These top Thai beauty products are so unique and will be quite excellent for warmer months – grab them if you travel to Thailand or have a transit there!! Enjoy!

Smooto Tomato Aloe Snail Jelly Scrub Review

thai beauty haul by icangwp beauty blog 2019

There are so many little scrub packs at 7-Eleven and I’ve gotta try it! This Smooto is tomato, aloe, snail – all natural. I randomly picked this one from the shelf, didn’t read ingredients. I tested it out on one arm. The green gel is light and feels refreshing. It has natural aloe with a hint of ginseng scent. We’re supposed to scrub, leave it for one minute as a mask and rinse it off with water.

GOSH! This has to be one of the fastest resulting scrubs I’ve tried. It doesn’t have any beads, acid, alcohol, or strong whitening ingredients in it. I didn’t feel anything, just cold. Once I rinsed it off, I can actually see the different between my two arms. The scrubbed side is like 3 shades lighter and so soft, so nourishing and glowing. It’s amazing what this one-minute scrub + mask can do to exfoliate and super recharge the skin. I can feel how awfully dry my other arm is. The best part is that the ingredients are REALLY good. It contains aloe, tea tree oil, vitamins, fatty acids, hyarulonic acid, tomato extract, collagen, ginseng extract and more. It’s a real good smoothie to the skin like the company claimed! I will definitely explore more from this Thai skincare brand established by pharmacists! There are 6 collections from their site: tomato, lemon, apple, pomegranate, aloe, and orange. This 50ml packet cost around $2 when I bought it.

Snail White Serum Review

This serum is in the top ten beauty items to buy from Thailand’s Duty Free Shop. The single use pack at 7-Eleven is perfect to try (full size available at YesStyle)! The twist top package is so functional. It’s resealable, leak-proof and lightweight. The ingredients contain a lot of niacinamide which is appropriate for tropical countries and excellent for skin. The featherweight lotion has a mild lavender and citrus scent. It faded away after a few minutes. The serum absorbs extremely well. But I felt a little tightness later on – it contains alcohol. It has a nice matte finish and my skin looks nice. It’s not very moisturizing for deadly cold winters but it is another interesting group of skin brightening ingredients to try for warmer weather.

Pond’s White Beauty Instabright Tone Up Milk Powder or Pond’s UV Baby Powder Review

thai beauty haul by icangwp beauty blog

Everyone, YOU GOTTA BUY THAI UV BABY POWDER. They owned the entire section of beauty shelves. Thai’s UV baby powder is a serious makeup product. It’s like a hybridized natural foundation, finishing powder, mattifying powder, BB and CC with SPF. They cost around $1 – $3. Pond’s powder has light pink color and feather-like weight. They felt like a high-end finishing powder for me. It’s translucent. The one I bought unfortunately has big pink glitters in it, not much but big. This reminds me of By Terry Hyaluronic Powder. I like them when I’m home, or just doing a quick grocery run and want to look nice without worrying about makeup remover in the evening.

what beauty products to buy in thailand icangwp beauty blog

I saw a 20-pack of UV baby powders at Thailand’s International Airport Suvarnabhumi. Nice souvenir from Thailand and the package is super light. It will work great to keep our face, body, feet and especially back look nice and not dripping wet when you show some skin on hot summer days.

Disney x NuStar Blooming Flower Foundation to Powder SPF30 PA++ Review

Foundation in Thailand has a real hardcore FULL coverage. It needs to survive humidity, oil, sweat and heat. I like this as a full coverage foundation. It has a nice finish, not too matte nor velvet. It filled fine lines, pores and doesn’t slide or cake up. The lightest shade I grabbed has pink undertones. It matches okay with my Estee Lauder Double Wear shade Ecru or MAC Studio Fix NW 20 – slightly too dark and pinkish. I guess I’m not wearing full coverage foundation and feel that it’s thick.

Cutepress x Sanrio Love and Harmony Little Musicians Brush Set Review

thai makeup review by icangwp blog 2019

Cutepress has several standalone stores around Thailand and their signature items are haircare and fragrance. They are affordable and offer a wide range of items. I think it’s $25 for this adorable Sanrio collaboration travel brush set.

thai beauty haul by icangwp blog 2019

I like the two face brushes. These two brushes are soft, medium dense and do a good job of evenly distributing makeup on the face.

The small angled brush is good for my brow. A little thin but works great like the full size, very satisfied. The eyeshadow brush is too short and scratchy, definitely a big fail. The small blending brush is quite sparse, works good though doesn’t pick up a lot of powder.

thai beauty haul by icangwp blog

They are adorable and ultra lightweight for what you pay. I wouldn’t compare this set to my Shu Uemura brush (see IcanGWP x Shu Uemura exclusive coupon code here).

I hope you enjoyed the post!

Have you tried some nice Thai-beauty? I’d love your comments and recommendations!

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