I have my shopping haul from my break in Taiwan to share! Let me start from the SaSa Makeup station. It looks like Sephora Studio (reserve your next appointment here) but I think it is more like grab things and do your makeup as you wish by yourself. This was at SaSa, the store that I blog about their online deals regularly.

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I saw their stores in a couple of countries and the setting is a little bit different from one to another. The Taiwan version is really nice and the staff are awesome.


I was lucky too. He was in Canada for school so we chatted a bit and he recommended Pupa and Cyber Color. I grabbed something just to try. Pictures to come. How cute?

Pupa Sua Maesta Makeup Palette Green Free US Shipping lookfantasticPupa IL Principe Ranocchio Makeup Palette Warm Shades Free US Shipping lookfantastic

You can buy their product at Lookfantastic USA.

The store theme is white, bright and pink. Really cute. The store here seems to carry drugstore and premium brands. If I remember correctly their stores in other countries carry more high-end brands. I highly recommend Sasa, so fun and no pressure. Just like Sephora. Every time I hit their stores, my family knows it’s Starbucks time. She’s going to spend hours.


This is My Skin Mentor Dr. G and it’s available exclusively at Nordstrom. The next one is Majolica Majorca – a Shiseido brand.


I have tried many items because it’s such a good deal to get a Shiseido sub-brand makeup at this price range. I can’t get enough of their little palettes.


Next up, Media from Kanebo, I bought a little eyeshadow palette just to try.


Next up, Watson – this is a drugstore like Walgreens, that carries some makeup and skincare. The prices are good, and there are several promotions running. I saw this store in many countries as well. I bought something cute from this store.


Interesting, isn’t it? There were like 3 brands of cosmetic contact lenses in this store!

Now, I strolled around the upscale malls and took a few pictures of their beauty counters. Kose (or Sekkisei), Three, Jill Stuart, Albion, Fancl.


I don’t feel like shopping at department store cosmetics counters in other countries. My wallet is safe for once.

Next up, a little bit of my Asian makeup adventure hauls. The first one is from SaSa:


This is a little haul from Mary Quant.


And my last makeup purchase from Watson.


Quick Take:

The fact that it is drugstore and premium brands (I guess), it may be a big hit or miss. I’ll be enjoying my play time with them. As a beauty blogger I’m always up for a beauty hunt, I secretly wanted to fall in love again. It is so fun!

Please note that I’m not an Asian beauty guru and I welcome all comments from you guys! The products here are labelled in Chinese, but also  English so it’s pretty comfortable for me.

I have my previous posts from my Canada trip and Korea trip if you are interested in travel shopping.

canada anna sui 2.jpg

I love to talk it out!


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