Here’s my Thailand beauty haul! I picked up TONS of decent Thai brands from my beloved Mistine, Cosluxe, In2It, Gino McCray, Smooth E and more. They are good, pretty and superb quality. All these amazing Thai brands are less recognized. I’m so happy to be able to share one of the rarest beauty reviews from Asia, Thai cosmetics, with you guys!

thai makeup review by icangwp blog
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Thai Beauty Haul and Thai Beauty Reviews

These top Thai beauty products are so unique and will be quite excellent for warmer months – grab them if you travel to Thailand or have a transit there!!

All seven makeup items in the bottom row are reviewed in my previous post here and also here. The other five items will be reviewed soon!

Smooth E Baby Face Foam Review

thailand beauty haul by icangwp beauty blog

If you are battling acne or you are looking for a true face foam for sensitive skin at any age, this is a wonderful product! Smooth E is an example of beauty brands like Drunk Elephant or Paula’s Choice – no nasty things. It’s not that fancy or superb like our DE or PC but for the drugstore version, I’m very pleased. I finished up this foam a few days after I’m back from my trip.

The foam is advertised as a soap free, non ionic, pH balanced, cleanser + toner + moisturizer all in one. The white foam is fluffy and doesn’t lather. Compared to others, it’s quite an amazing foam that delivers clean and non-drying results. This is a gem, don’t miss out if you are in Thailand.

Gino McCray Fingerprint Eyeshadow Review

Beauty Buffet probably has the most brick and mortar stores among all beauty brands in Thailand. They are everywhere and carry so many interesting brands – at drugstore prices. I swatched so many eyeshadow at Beauty Buffet and this is the only one I brought back. It’s so pigmented. I always feel like I got too much. Too intense pure pigment shadow – reminds me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture Palette! The eyeshadow is buttery smooth, wears well and stays on. The shade looks gray in the picture but it’s a really pretty monochrome gray, blue and a hint of light lime. I wouldn’t recommend the shade with shimmers because it didn’t survive the plane ride. The top broke off but the rest is okay.

In2It Colour Stik Moist Review

thai makeup review by icangwp blog in2it

I chatted with the In2It salesperson and she recommend a few products. This best selling lipstick is one of them that I liked when I swatched. I like it even more when I use it. The velvet finish is beautiful. Medium coverage and non-drying formula are nice for the price. The color pays off and it exceed normal drugstore makeup. It transfers a little and didn’t stay like luxury makeup.

Marvel x Goldberry The Infinite Gems Liquid Lip Review

This collection was on sale and there’s only a few of this lippie left, a good sign right for someone who doesn’t know what to buy! I love it! This liquid lipstick has no scent. The liquid texture feels airy and great pigment. One swipe can cover the entire lips. The color is rich and has a beautiful matte finish. It’s my most favorite color from this review. It’s warm and highly seductive. The color really compliments my fair neutral skintone. It stayed on well but the inner part didn’t survive lunch and needed retouching.

Mistine 3D Brow Secret Brow Set Review

mistine thai makeup review by icangwp blog

This 3-in-1 brow pencil rocks! The creamy brow pencil is soft and pigmented. It’s not too waxy nor silky. I like the smoothness and it’s non-streaky. It’s a little too big and I found it doesn’t stay on long for the part that has no brow to hold on to.

The powder compliments the pencil job well. I filled the 1/3 part of my brow with it. I like the shade that is slightly darker than the pencil and doesn’t fall out. I don’t wear eyebrow mascara very often but absolutely enjoy this one. It’s one of the best eyebrow (non-fiber) colored mascaras I have tried. It’s so dry, matte and provides a beautiful and natural brow. I like to set the beginning of my brow with this and make it stand out (think Cara Delevingne).  This is a very impressive brow pencil from Thailand. The quality of the last two components surpassed several prestige brands I have tried. I’d buy it for the mascara alone. The price is good and I highly recommend this item in DARK shades. Their lighter shades are not very pigmented at all.

Cosluxe Auto Pencil Eyeliner Review

I was looking for a Cosluxe eyebrow pencil but it was OOS so I picked up this eyeliner instead just to try the infamous Thai brand Cosluxe. The eyeliner is not silky at all, transferred and I don’t like it. I purchased the cult favorite Cosluxe eyebrow pencil and it lives up the hype! The eyeliner that I really like is from Hourglass here.


I had so much fun in Thailand and discovered these awesome Thai cosmetics and Thai makeup products­­ from this trip. Thai-beauty is unique, mild herbs and fruit-based products that are formulated for hot and humid weather unlike J-beauty or K-beauty. Have you tried some nice Thai-beauty? I’d love your comments and recommendations!

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I hope you enjoyed the post!

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