Here’s the second part of my Thailand makeup haul! This is my little fun Thai makeup journey and reviews. I picked up TONS of decent Thai brands from Mistine, Gino McCray, Natriv, Cathy Doll and more. See the first part here. Here’s Gino McCray counter, its packaging look like MAC for me and this brand’s reputation is, you can guess — MAC dupe.

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Thailand’s Top Ten Powder Foundation Reviews 2018


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The salesperson really recommended the best-selling Gold powder that they claim to put real gold in it. It was so buttery smooth and I was tempted but I didn’t want to spend $20 on a new brand. So I grabbed this oil control powder. The shade is a nice neutral shade and the sponge deposits a good amount of powder on the skin. It felt airy compared to other powder foundations – a little disappointing. The coverage is sheer and perfectly matte. I would recommend it on relax days, for the no-makeup look. This powder can definitely be repurposed as a touch up powder. It works great to lightly absorb oil and provide gentle coverage.


Mistine Wings Extra Cover Super Powder SPF25 Review

thailand beauty review by icangwp beauty blog mistine wing foundation powder review

Mistine is like a cult-classic makeup brand in Thailand. This foundation has ranked as a top 7 must-have Thai beauty product from the largest duty free store in Thailand! It is recognized as one of the best foundations in Thailand. The package and sponge are of good quality and work great. In my opinion, the shade is way lighter than other foundations in this review. It provides a gorgeous matte sheer-to-medium coverage. This powder resembles a cream-like texture for a flawless complexion. It stays on really long. The more I wear it the more it looks set and skin-like while still providing a great canvas. My skin looks subtle, luminous and look healthy – worth the hype. It provides a radiance I can’t get on my own. I find has several sellers of Mistine products and they are really reasonable, almost as good as if you buy it there. If you can find Mistine representatives in Thailand, I believe that you’ll get a better price and they may have a free gift with purchase for you.

thailand beauty review by icangwp beauty blog mistine wings powder review


Mistine Venus Forever Perfect Super Powder SPF 25 PA++ Review

thailand beauty review by icangwp beauty blog mistine forever powder review

Cute girl and luxury package. It’s such a luxuriously blendable formula. I like it when I swatched but it turned out to be quite sheer. The finish looks natural and will not emphasize enlarge pores or oily skin. This is an average powder. Nothing special. If you are wondering about the beautiful flower garland, I went to a restaurant called Coffee Beans By Dao and they provided it at checkout. It’s so pretty and smells incredibly wonderful.


Bisou Bisou Love Blossom Brightening Powder Pact Review

thailand beauty review by icangwp beauty blog bisou bisou powder review

This famous Thai prestige beauty brand is a must-try ($30 when I bought it). What I picked up is the brightening formula with Vitamin C and collagen. Because this sample has gotten so much use, it must be a popular one! The peach packaging is adorable. The flower shape compact has a little charm on it.

My salesperson applied it and then sprayed water on my arm!! This is the way to test that it’s sweat-proof. The water drops stay and can’t penetrate through the powder layer. Good for a rainy day, great for Seattle, I love waterproof makeup!!!!

The texture somewhat felt like clay. It has an obvious peach/pink undertone and the color doesn’t look quite right when I first apply it. I have to wait for 15 mins or so until the product melts into the skin. It added a rose-petal-soft finish to the skin while giving a soft-focus airbrushed look. I adore the look. It provides medium coverage, camouflages imperfections and is a little bit dewy. I’m impressed with this so far.

Application in Thailand: It stayed put for 5 hours. I think it did great for both sweat-proof and oil-control purposes. It would be a great item to wear to the gym.

Application in US: I like it more here since it provides a tiny bit dewy look without shimmer so that the skin doesn’t look too flat and also provides a youthful look.

thailand beauty review by icangwp beauty blog bisou bisou thailand reviw

The kind salesperson has given me cute gift with purchase! I can GWP!


Mistine Cosmo Smooth and Clear Super Powder Plus SPF 30 PA+++ Review

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Here comes the winner, slayed all other powders in this review! Mistine is the No 1 makeup brand in Thailand. It’s so affordable, sweat proof, waterproof, with great oil-control ladies. I’m so glad I grabbed this “made in Italy” powder!

thai beauty by review icangwp beauty blog mistine cosmo powder review

The powder is ultra fine-milled. Once I dapped the sponge on my face…. oh dear this is it. It perfectly covers all imperfections and provides baby-like skin in a flash. I bought one as a gift for my mom. It works best for oil controlling and sweat-proofing all day long. I need touch up after 7 hours or so. I can’t be blessed enough with this foundation. Highly recommended, you won’t be disappointed.



I am impressed with the lightweight formula – no or low silicone powders are so precious. My combination skin has improved in terms of oil production. It’s healthier for long term usage without silicone and a more natural formula. It lasts all day without separating which means when the weather is colder it shouldn’t cling to any dry patches either.

That’s my little fun Thai makeup journey and reviews. Their pressed powder foundations have proven to be excellent for absorbing oil, brightening, and they’re sweat-proof and waterproof with great coverage. None of them broke me out in Thailand or here. I’m blessed that all of them do not have perfumes and only very minimal natural scents. I also love trying new ingredients, especially exotic herbs. In my opinion you can consider their makeup if you are extremely acne-prone, living in the hot and humid area, looking for perfect oil control formula, want a rain and sweat-proof products, or a great gym bag addition! However, for foundations, they don’t have shades for medium to deep skin tones.

I’ve bought several Mistine makeup products and several famous Thai brands like Cosluxe, Cute Press, Smooth E, Snail White more. I’ll have more from my Thailand beauty haul to share later on. I hope it’s helpful and somewhat different.

Have you been to Thailand or used any Thai makeup items?

I’d love your comments and recommendations!

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